Business Leadership

Wayne Goulding is skilled at translating strategies, business goals and objectives into team visions that drive the day-to-day execution to reality. His success lies in his strength in cultivating, motivating and equipping a multicultural workforce to achieve ambitious goals.

Wayne now contributes his diverse experience, work ethic, principled decision-making and people skills to organizations interested in making their project management environment more effective. Dedicated to continuous improvement he is constantly searching for new perspectives and ideas. Past business programs categorized by role include:

Program Management

  • Established Outsourced Call Center to On-Shoring Consumer Tax Services: Lead in establishing two outsource call center brick-and-mortar locations and a home-based call agent program, for 400 agents supporting consumer tax services, including:
    • Lead from a position of outsourced program manager
    • Delivery of telecommunications (voice & data) circuits by multiple vendors (Verizon, AT&T, NWIT, and Quest) and integration of infrastructure between the customer and call center outsourcers
    • Coordination of technical support for new hire tax agents training
    • Coordination with major upgrade in tax group’s PBX hardware
    • Ensured all call centers were online and delivered on tight schedule 

  • Organizational Development of Project Management Environment: Provided project management consulting services in the development of high performance automotive engine manufacturing, with an objective of improved resource utilization. The engagement entailed:
    • Performed comprehensive stakeholder analysis for project portfolio communications needs, with total of 15-categories, 8 groups, and 4 levels, enabling the development of communications tools
    • Spearheaded development of communications tools which enabled top-to-bottom management of communications and actions to achieve portfolio priorities 

  • Global Programs with Virtual Teams: Successfully lead four worldwide, high-value product launch programs, typically:
    • Teams based in Asia, Europe and North America
    • Multi-million dollars in capital equipment
    • Core team of 9 project managers
    • Implementation team of 67 local specialists
    • Multiple levels of testing over 16 centers
    • Independent testing by 9 vendors at an outsourced location
    • Post-release customer support 

  • Software Development for Manufacturing: Lead development of Shop Floor Control application, including:
    • Development of business and technical requirements, capital and expense budgets, selecting and procuring hardware
    • End-user perspective software development
    • Monitoring post install usage
    • Initial facility implementation: $500K in capital equipment
    • 15 core team members
    • Three successful major software releases
    • Expanded implementation to 4-US, 1-German and 1-Italian facility

    Customer Facing

    • Management of Customer Dissatisfaction: Customer Satisfaction Manager of Last Resort for IBM division, with role to act as the customer’s advocate on product issues and ensure their business was not lost. The role entailed defining cause of dissatisfaction, working with engineering on technical resolution(s), negotiating with customer executives and IBM marketing/service for an acceptable final business resolution, and monitoring the solution implementation. Customer set included Fortune 500 companies with multi-million dollar inventories of IBM products. 

    • Management of Beta Test Customer Expectations: As product launch manager; initial customer interface and the overall Beta program liaison between customer executives and IBM division executives. Some specifics are:
      • Customer set included Fortune 500 companies, with multi-million dollar inventories of IBM products
      • Provided customer executive briefings on unannounced products and extended offers to participate in Beta test programs for the products
      • On-site customer satisfaction management for problems encountered during Beta testing

    • Customer Relations from a Consulting/Contracting Base: In the outsource role as consultant/contractor, ensured value was delivered in line with the customer’s expected outcome and successfully developed an ongoing relationship for the future business.

    Organizational Development

    • Vendor Software Testing Program: Spearheaded establishing a program to facilitate testing of third-party software on IBM unannounced enterprise disk drive hardware products. The challenge was, the vendors were direct competitors with IBM software products, thus reluctance to proving early access to hardware.

    • Product Development Process Maturity: Team member in the development of a maturity measurement process and contributed as an auditor, during its execution, for benchmarking the division’s product development process.

    • Document Database and Work Flow Management System: Created and implemented a software application for management of Beta test programs, which included a document database, work flow management, and program team access for personnel back-up.

    • Career Management Seminar Series: Started a monthly project management career management seminar series, focused on issues associated with the dynamic changes in the Silicon Valley employment environment. Specifically, identification of industry trends, new skills, personal finance perspectives, available resources, etc.

    • Leadership Development: Provided leadership, mentoring and coaching for PMI-Silicon Valley board of directors and volunteers.

    • Breakfast Program Development: Created and institution of eight regional, monthly breakfast meetings. These are small peer-to-peer sharing events conducted in a facilitated, round table meeting style, with the attendees providing the agenda topics.

    • Meeting Job Transition Needs: Designed and launched job search support groups, to provide a forum for members in transition, in response to the dot-com bust of 2001, initially resulting in well attended weekly breakfast events at three Silicon Valley locations.

    • PMO Peer Sharing: Hosted quarterly meetings on project management corporate practices, for Project Management Office (PMO) directors, for project management practices, policies, procedures, education, certification, career paths, etc.

    • Performance Measurements and Operational Effectiveness: Defined and instituted a set of PMI-Silicon Valley measurements resulting in improved operational management, through goal setting and change evaluation. Measurements include, budget, event profitability, event attendance, membership growth/attrition, member certification, member attendance profile, event performance, etc.

    • Volunteer Management and Growth: Crafted a process for recruiting, mentoring and motivating volunteers, through active board involvement, volunteer grooming for growth, volunteer recognition events, and volunteer leader briefings.

    • Strategic Planning: Facilitated a team of ten members in development of a strategic plan for PMI-Silicon Valley.