Challenge Resolver

6Why not problem solver? A challenge implies there may be a hidden opportunity for achieving something more than just fixing the dysfunctional and resolve recognizes there may not be an optimal solution to the situation. Here are a few challenges I have taken on:

Product Recall Challenge: Focused product recall to minimize recall cost and execution time; specifically, identifying the effected units and their location.

Solution: Design, development and implementation of Shop Floor Control (SFC) software application for tracking assembly of hi-value, hi-tech computer disk drive subsystems. In addition to enhancing the recall process in both cost and time, also provided manufacturing operations with production control information.

Stalled New Product Sales Challenge: Facilitate testing of third party competitive software, before hardware General Availability (GA), without contaminating the intellectual property of either company and reducing new product sales lag due to lack of operability of third party software.

Solution: Leverage the process used by another business line, validated IP concern with legal, overcame political roadblocks and implemented the program. The first GA incorporating this practice was wildly successful with the customer because it was treated as a joint announcement for the hardware and all major software applications.

Account Management Back-up Challenge: Lack of efficient backup for beta test account managers, due to account records being kept in personal files without standardization.

Solution: Designed, developed and implemented a program document database and workflow process for account management. This provided program wide access for all account managers and as well as standardizing the work between each.

Inept Consulting Firm Challenge: Prior to kick-off of a strategic initiative, C-suite management hired a Lean Manufacturing consulting firm, whose claims exceeded their capabilities; further exacerbated by executive management’s lack of manufacturing knowledge. The contract was time and materials with a fixed minimum.

Solution: First step was to inform executive management that they had been deceived. The second step was to clarify the program control leadership structure; I was in charge and the consulting firm reported to me along with the other consulting subject matter experts (SMEs). Finally, during the program’s execution I carefully managed participation of the problem SMEs to ensure the client obtained the best value possible within the terms of the contract.